Airbus A380

Project Support (1996- 1997)

Airbus Large Transport Aircraft A3XX

(now known as A380 Aircraft)

Conceptual structural analysis and feasibility studies for the wing box of the A3XX were performed. The optimum number of stringers and ribs, and the choice of materials were investigated.


Project Support (2006 – 2008)

A380- Leading edge

  • Provided support for static calculations to Airbus RSPs for Certification MSN7 and MSN11
  • Provided support to Airbus for Loads, FESPS and quality gate reviews
  • Reviewed Airbus calculations for fix leading edge, metallic and composite parts
  • Proposed new approach for low RF resolution and reducing conservatism to avoid changes in interfaces
  • Provided Airbus RSPs with work around and technical support whenever sufficient information was not available
  • Reviewed and checked interface loads for quality before transferring data to the other partners
  • Approved and authorised all checkstress calculation for Leading edge A380 certification. Airbus stress authorise and approve signatory- contained FEM work with DMU and hand calculations and interface with other parts of the wing/systems