Boeing 767-400ER

Project Support (1997- 1999)

Boeing 767-400ER Aircraft Wing Box Structure

Detail static strength, stability, fatigue and damage tolerance analyses of the wing box structure were performed to support the programme for drawing releases. Typical examples of specific tasks included:

  • Upper Skin Panel with Typical and Vent Stringers
Static strength and fatigue analyses were performed. These included: stringer to rib analysis, stringer run-out fatigue analysis, static strength and fatigue analyses of vent stringer details, fatigue analysis at skin tab-out and shear ties attachments, skin stability, static strength and, fatigue and damage tolerance analyses at nacelle fitting attachment.


  • Fatigue & Damage Tolerance Analysis of the Front & Rear Spars
The residual strength and crack growth analyses for the upper/lower front/rear spar chord, for both short and long missions, were performed. The crack growth analyses were carried out at various non-hidden and hidden spar chord locations. A static strength analysis of the splice stringers was also carried out at some rib bays. In these sections the splice stringers were required to have adequate strength for carrying the additional redistributed loads from the failed spar chord and skin.