About OE

Optimal Engineering is a UK based company specializing in aerospace structures made in composite and advanced metallic materials. Although founded in 2008, the engineering core team have over 30 years experience in analysis and sizing of aircraft structures. Our services encompass:

  • Work-packages, where we take on full responsibility for the project at our own premises.
  • Project support, where we provide support to our client's engineering team at their own premises.
  • Production support at client's premises (or at our own premises if required).
  • Engineering resource, where we provide specialist stress engineers to work at client's premises in support of their projects.


With Optimal Engineering's core team having more than 30 years of experience in Aerospace structural analysis, OE has successfully provided Static Strength analysis and Fatigue and Damage Tolerance calculations using classical and FEA methods to support various aerospace Projects and R & D programmes. Typical examples of OE's capabilities are summarised as follows:

  • Detail Stress Analysis (classical methods hand calculation) and Sizing (for Metallic, CFRP and Sandwich Constructions)
  • Fatigue and Damage Tolerance Analysis
  • Production Support: Concessions (MRB) and Structural Repair for Metallic and Composite Structures
  • Conceptual / Preliminary Design Analysis and Sizing and Structural Optimisation
  • Stability Analysis: Stiffened Panel Analysis and Sizing/Optimisation, Column Buckling, …
  • Knowledge of Composite Materials and Advanced Metallic Materials
  • Thermal Analysis for Hybrid Wing Structures ("Global" Wing-box and "Local" Attachment Thermal Loads)
  • Wing Bending and Torsional Stiffness Calculations (with and without Leading Edge and Trailing Edge Structures)
  • Brazier/Crushing and Pull-off Loads Calculations for Wing Structures with Build and Thermal Induced Curvatures
  • Bolted Lap Joint Calculations and Sizing
  • Linear and Non-linear Finite Element Analysis and Application
  • Computer Programming for Detail Stress Analysis and Structural Sizing / Optimisation
  • High Standard of Documentation for Check Stress Analysis and Aircraft Certification Requirements


Optimal Engineering is a member of British Chambers of Commerce with Membership Number: OPTI-0011.